Monday, November 14, 2011

How to Present a Letter of Interest for a Job

A letter of interest for a job — more commonly known as a cover letter — is a document you send with your resume that discusses exactly why you are qualified for the position. A good letter of interest will include how your experience relates to the open position and gives you the opportunity to sell yourself in ways a resume cannot.
1.  Format your letter professionally. A cover letter is a business letter and should be formatted with your address at the top, along with the recipient’s address, date, professional salutation, body and closing. Check your word processor for templates if you are unsure about proper format methods; cover letter examples also are easily available with a Web search
2.   Use a professional greeting, along with a specific name as much as possible. For example, address Sam Smith as “Dear Mr. Smith” instead of “To whom it may concern.” Call the company and ask who you should address the letter to if it is not immediately clear from the position description.
3.  Write a personal — yet professional — anecdote to open the letter. Many job seekers start a letter of interest with a similar opening that does not capture an interviewing manager’s attention. Instead, try using a short anecdote that relates to the job, like how a previous achievement led you to the job. This will capture the interviewer’s attention and make it more likely he will read the whole letter.

4.  Expand on your resume. Your resume is there to give the facts about your educational and professional experience, so do not simply rehash this info in the letter. Instead, relate how your experience can help the company achieve its goals; the interviewer can read more specifics on your resume.
5. Close your letter with a call to action. The end of a cover letter should summarize your qualifications for the job and inform the interviewer how you intend to proceed. For example, write that you will followup with him on a certain date if you have not heard back and stick to it. This shows that you are motivated.
6.  Close the letter with a professional sendoff, like “Sincerely” along with your name and contact information.

Source: CareerBuzzle

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